1. Open your phone's app store. For iOS devices this is called "App Store" and has a blue icon. For Android devices this is the "Play Store" and has a play button as its icon.

For Apple/iOS devices:

1. Click the search tab in the bottom right.

2. Search for 'Outlook' in the bottom right

3. Click the top result called "Microsoft Outlook" and will have a blue outlook icon. Click the button labeled "Install" to install and download the app. If you have downloaded Outlook in the past this icon will appear as a cloud icon with an arrow. Click that instead.

For Android devices:

1. Open the play store and using the search bar at the top search for "Outlook". Then click the top result titled "Microsoft Outlook" with a blue outlook icon.

2. Click the button titled "Install". The app may ask for permissions but click "Ok" in the bottom right and the app with download and install.

Once the application has downloaded you will be able to find it either on your home screen on apple devices, on your app list on android devices or by clicking "Open" on the app's page in the app store. You will then be prompted to add your account. Enter your email address (@durring.com) and click "Add Account". You will then be asked to enter your password. This is the same password you use for Outlook on the web and for logging into the school computers. 

 You will now be able to access your emails from home. It is always a good idea to turn on notifications so you can stay updated to any new emails.