A public folder is a folder present in Microsoft Outlook to share files with others. The information in the folder can be accessed by selected users or by all users present under same mail client. The level of privilege to use the public folder will be provided to users by the owner of the public folder. The public folder in Microsoft Outlook can contain anything like calendars items, messages or contacts. Using outlook, you can share contacts, tasks calendars and you can even share files. By sharing the files, you can centralize the information in the file. The information in the files can be discussed and final output file can be shared through this public folder option. Once the permission is granted, then adding a public folder in Microsoft Outlook is an easy task. By default, you won't see the public folders you have access to in Microsoft Outlook. You have to switch views slightly.

1.    Open Outlook 2010.

2.    By default, you'll be placed in the normal mailbox view.

3.    At the bottom of the screen on the left, you'll see a small folder icon. Click it

4.    You are now switched to folders view. Notice you can now see the top-level Public Folders container.

5.    You can expand this to see all Public Folders you have access to.

6.    Favourites in Mail Navigation

You might want to add a public folder to your Favourites list in the “folder type” Navigation as well for even more convenient access.

To do this, you first need to add the folder to your Public Folder Favourites as indicated above. After that, right click the folder again within Public Folder Favourites and choose “Add to Favourite Folders” (Outlook 2003 and 2007) or “Show     in Favourites” (Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013)

Adding a Public Folder in the Favourites section of the Mail Navigation requires you to mark it as a favourites twice.